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Bayreuth Lab for Digital Sciences (BayLDS)

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Faculty I - Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

Applied and Numeric Analysis

Prof. Dr. Holger Wendland

Applied Mathematics/Serious Games

Prof. Dr. Jörg Müller

Applied Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Lars Grüne 

Prof. Dr. Anton Schiela

Artificial Intelligence in Spectroscopy and Microscopy

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bocklitz 

Business Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Jörg Rambau

Computational Materials Design

Prof. Dr. Harald Oberhofer

Data Intensive Computing

Prof. Dr. Wim Martens

Didactics of Mathematics 

Prof. Dr. Volker Ulm

Dynamical Systems and Data 

Prof. Dr. Peter Koltai 

Stochastics and Machine Learning

Prof. Dr. Andreas Christmann

Theoretical Physics/Electronic Structure and Dynamics

Prof. Dr. Stephan Kümmel

Faculty II - Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences


Prof. Dr. Matthias Ullmann

Ecosystem Analysis and Simulation

Prof. Dr. Lisa Hülsmann

Faculty III - Law, Business and Economics 

Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Torsten Eymann

Business Informatics and Process Analytics 

Prof. Dr. Agnes Koschmider 

Business Informatics and Process Management

Prof. Dr. Maximlian Röglinger

Business Management and Economics
Information Systems and human-centric Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Dr. Niklas Kühl

Faculty IV - Languages and Literatures

Data modeling und interdisziplinary Generation of Knowlegde

Prof. Dr. Mirco Schönfeld

Faculty V - Humanities and Social Sciences

Philosophy, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Dr. Lena Kästner 

Sport Ecology

Prof. Dr. Manuel Steinbauer

Faculty VI - Engineering Science


Prof. Dr. Franz Konstantin Fuß

Construction Theory and CAD

Prof. Dr. Stephan Tremmel

Material Informatics

Prof. Dr. Christoph Künneth

Polymer Engineering 

Prof. Dr. Holger Ruckdäschel

Faculty VII - Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health

Digital Health with a focus on Data Science

Prof. Dr. Aldo Faisal

Food Supply Chain Management/Operations Research

Prof. Dr. Christian Vikar 

Central Bodies and Organizations

IT Service Centre

Hans-Jörg Bauer

Webmaster: Dr. Adrian Roßner

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